commercial construction

Orford Bitumen can assist you with all your projects that require commercial or civil asphalt. We also offer bitumen sealing and concrete, from roads and driveways to roofing, subdivisions, kerbing or repairs and resurfacing, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Commercial services


Asphalt has a low initial construction cost. This makes it a great choice when you have a large surface area to cover like a road or carpark area. It is also quick and easy to install because it has a short construction and curing time. Great for when you have a pressing deadline.

We also have an asphalt solution that can be used to repair potholes, low areas or places where the current asphalt is breaking up. Asphalt also provides a skid resistant surface that creates a safer environment for vehicles.


Concrete may take a little longer to cure than asphalt but us the most used man-made material for a reason. Most notably it is a very long lasting and durable material. It also has a very low maintenance requirement.

Orford Bitumen will pour for any projects you have, including kerbs and gutters, sidewalks, handicap ramps, truck docks, parking pads and much more.

maintenance & repairs

If you need maintenance or repairs on car parks, new office buildings, reconstruction projects or making repairs to a road, give Orford Bitumen in Toowoomba a call today.